G&G Armament strives to foster the global community of Airsoft players by holding the “G&G Armament Mascot Design Contest.” We invite graphic designers from around the world to participate in this event and to create a G&G Armament mascot that combines our business concepts and ambitious spirit. We want something which represents the vigor and kindness that Airsoft players around the world have come to know G&G Armament for. There will be three categories in this contest, G-Boy, G-Girl, and CQB Team. Both G-Boy and G-Girl category winners will receive a prize of $5,000 USD. The third category winner of the CQB Team will receive a prize of $5,000 USD. The deadline for submissions is Sep. 9th

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[ Contest Period ]Starting Now ~ SEP.9.2015 (11AM GMT+8)
[ Voting Period ]SEP.15.2015 (10AM GMT+8) ~ SEP.21.2015 (5PM GMT+8)
[ Announcement ]G&G Armament will announce the winners at the G&G Booth during the IWA & Outdoor Classics” in Nurnberg, Germany on March 2016. Also, the winning entries will be announced on our official website at www.guay2.com.
[ G-Boy ] Male character mascot design.
[ G-Girl ] Female character mascot design.
[ CQB Team ] Pair mascot design.
 Voting Method 
[ Internal Voting - 60% ] Votes by G&G Armament employees, G&G Armament partners and internationally well-known media specialists.
[ Online Voting - 40% ] Votes by number of likes from G&G Armament official Facebook photo album.
[ Winner of G-Boy ]$5,000 USD
[ Winner of G-Girl ]$5,000 USD
[ Winner of CQB Team ]$5,000 USD
*Prize will be wired transfer to winner’s designated account.
[ Lucky Draw Prize (3 Winners) ] G&G EBR-L
Draw will be made from the list voted for the winner of each category.
  Application Method 
[ Application Form ] Please download forms and fill it in completely. >>Download Form
[ Limitations ] The design must include a mascot image, name and design statement, and follow the requests below.
  1. Mascot design is supposed to display G&G Armament identity as an enterprise as well as our spirit. Mascot: For ideas on G&G Armament ambitions spirit, business concepts, and related history please go to G&G Armament’s official website www.guay2.com
  2. The mascot drawing must include a front, rear and side view. If there are any accessories, please be sure to include them in the drawing and design statement.
  3. The Illustration must show the mascot’s design style, feeling, characteristic, etc. (The view from 45 degrees is better)
  4. Please name the mascot and which category you could like to participate and place it in the drawing. The name should be easy to pronounce and memorize.
  5. The design statement will be used to help aid the judges in voting. You may include a short story, your design thoughts, concepts, or even the mascot name’s meaning.
  6. Each submission must include an application form signed by all of the designers. (If the designer belongs to an organization, it must be signed by an authorized representative and has an organization’s stamp.) All designers must sign if there is more than one designer.
  7. Submissions must be original and can not have been used in any prior public presentation.
  8. Mascot design should be obviously identifiable on various forms of media (e.g. websites, mobile devices, prints, etc.)
  9. The mascot design should not in any way depict the breaking of customs and/or laws.
[ File Formats ] Format of submissions must be in JPEG or PSD format in a resolution of 300dpi or greater.
  1. Full color JPG format.
  2. .psd or .ai format.
[ Submit Method ] Please email files and application forms to promo@guay2.com
  Terms and Conditions 
Any and all participants and/or teams who enter this contest agree to the following rules and regulations. Please read carefully.
  1. The designer of awarded works grants all copyright, property, and usage rights to Guay Guay Trading LTD (G&G Armament). Entrants will retain moral rights.
  2. By entering the contest all entrants grant G&G the right to publish and exhibit their design on advertisement, media, and in print for the purpose of marketing.
  3. The winner must submit any original files used in creating the mascot (.psd, .ai, etc.) and advise G&G in the following advertising operation. In addition, the winner must complete the mascot drawings of top, bottom, left, right, front, and back sides.
  4. Submitted works must not copy, imitate or plagiarize works from others. The entrants assume all legal responsibility if any evidence is verified. If this is the case, G&G has the right to cancel any awarded qualification and decide another winner. 
  5. If submitted works do not meet G&G criteria, G&G has the right to cancel the submission or contest with no prizes awarded.
  6. G&G reserves the right of final explanation on all documents entered into this contest. Any and related not mentioned matter herein, G&G will have further regulation or explanation.
  7. Entrants agree and are bound to these terms and conditions when entering this contest. If any issues arise not mentioned herein, G&G will update the announcement on the official site.
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