G&G ARMAMENT -Our Product / Mustang

●This product is suggested for users 18 years or older.
Wear goggles while shooting.
●Misuse may cause injury or death.
Never point at humans and animals with the airsoft guns.
●Read the whole manual before using.
Buyers and users should obey the laws and rules of the local authority.

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To all Valuable G&G Customers,
There are batteries on the market may have imperfect quality.
Using good quality of batteries is also important for your AEG,
Kindly do not use those on G&G AEGs to avoid the potential danger caused.
For example, GxxxxW
Thank you a lot for your attention
G&G Armament Team
How to assemble the gun  
1) Assemble both front and rear parts
to the main body of the gun.

2) Check if the joint holes of the front kit and the gun body are put in the same position.
3) Insert the joint pin into the joint holes with fingers.
Never use a hammer for the gun may be damaged.
4) If you find it difficult to insert the joint pin, please check if the holes are at the right position.
If the gun is damaged by using of a hammer,
it's not under our warranty anymore.
5) Please check if the joint pin has been perfectly inserted into the joint holes.
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