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2019 ➤ ⌜Your Greatest Glory 2019⌟ Award Announcement( 2019.12.04 )

✡ Best G&G Commercial Award:                       ✡ Best Video Award:
                                           • CountryPOLAND
• Video TitleEnjoy it
                                         • Video TitleG&G – FUTURE OF AIRSOFT
 NameLuiggi Spaudo                                           • NameFC Studio


✡ Best Creative Video Award:
• CountryPOLAND
• Video TitleThe Wish
• Name:Bartosz Bielicki

✡ Nominated Masterpiece Award:
• ITALY_My Hero-The Last Mission_Luca Moncalvo
• POLAND_Enter the Game _Adam Aljović
• RUSSIA_Unstoppable_375 RRD team 3
• HUNGARY_G&G made it_Balazs_Stark

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